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Appalachia Service Project

How can a region so rich in natural resources be so poor?  That’s what  Appalachia is – an area of extreme poverty.

  • Poverty in Appalachia is more than double the national average
  • One in four people live below the poverty level
  • 62,500 homes are substandard

Grace has partnered with Appalachia Service Project (ASP), a Christian volunteer organization operating in central Appalachia whose primary goal is making homes “warmer, safer and drier.”  We generally schedule a four-day mission trip each year in April.

ASP is not just a building ministry; it’s a relationship ministry as well.  While some might call this a weekend “retreat,” we prefer to call it a spiritual step forward.  Unlike a retreat, you’ll know the satisfaction of rolling up your sleeves, working with your hands, and having a tangible impact on the life of an Appalachian family.  Even if you have no building experience, the ASP staff will show you the ropes, helping you to develop skills you did not even know you had.

Beginning with the Thursday evening meal, participants enjoy two full days of home repair work, followed in the evenings by inspiring messages from a specially selected speaker.  The group returns to Raleigh following breakfast Sunday morning.

  • WHO:  Adults and youth 14 and up with parent are welcome.
  • WHEN:  usually the end of April
  • HOW MUCH: expect about $185 per person, which includes lodging and all meals.

QUESTIONS:  Contact MaryBeth Brown @ or (919) 612-8076