The Old Testament is not simply a collection of random stories, but a carefully woven tapestry of events working together to point us to Jesus.


October 15, 2017
Jeff Hancock, guest speaker

The Exodus

Due to a technical glitch, we do not have an audio file of this sermon. We are so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 


October 8, 2017
Nate Rector 

One Story:  Excuse Maker
Note:  Due to microphone issues, this clip does not include the last few minutes of the message. 


October 1, 2017
Nate Rector

One Story:  The Land Between


September 24, 2017
Chris Sasser, guest speaker
One Story:  Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac


September 17, 2017
Nate Rector
One Story:  Promise Keeper


September 10, 2017
Nate Rector
One Story:  Foundations

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